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Welcome to Bhinneka Bajanas

Bhinneka Bajanas is one of the first distributors of high grade special steel and welding electrodes in Indonesia. We have an in-house cutting and heat treatment facility with high quality machines and consistent results. Operating in 7 provinces with 5 branch offices and 3 marketing offices, we guarantee excellent connectivity and service for every customer.

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What sets us apart?

The various industries that use our materials consist of various sectors such as plastics, automotive, agro, oil and gas, mining, steel manufacturing, consumer goods, petrochemical, shipbuilding, construction and other industries.

Proven for over 4 decades as a player in the steel industry by combining superior metallurgical knowledge, outstanding technical expertise, and excellent connectivity and service, we excel in:

Steel Varieties

We market steel that varies in grades, types, sizes and shapes that are not owned and sold by other similar companies.


Distribution area coverage

Steel distribution will be faster and integrated to almost all industrial estates in Indonesia through our 5 branch offices and 3 marketing offices.


Facilities and service units

As a company that has a main business as a distributor of high grade special steel, welding machines and welding electrodes. The Company completes its services with supporting facilities in steel processing, such as cutting and heat treatment. So that the steel ordered by the customer can be directly customized according to their requirements

The importance of the heat treatment process
The importance of the heat treatment process
Heat treatment or “penyepuhan”, is a thermal/heating and cooling process used on certain steel materials. This process aims to improve or modify the material /molecular structure to meet the requirements of the intended application. This process is an important aspect of steel fabrication which supports the material to obtain the desired physical and mechanical properties..
What is High-Grade special steel?
What is High-Grade special steel?
Steel is basically a combination of iron and carbon manufactured to meet various specifications and requirements in terms of hardness, toughness, wear resistance, heat resistance, machinability, etc. To achieve these characteristics, steel manufacturers use various elements to be mixed into steel (alloy steel).
Additional Elements in High-Grade Special Steel
Additional Elements in High-Grade Special Steel
During the manufacture of high-grade specialty steels, other constituents are added to produce certain characteristics, more common elements are listed below: Carbon (C) Carbon is the most important element contained in steel. This element is a major factor in the hardenability of steel, controlling both the hardness and strength of the material.